Divisions of the Group


Al Emadi Hospital was established in 2004 by prominent surgeon Dr Mohamed Al Emadi as a private, acute care, general (medical/surgical) hospital whose mission is to deliver comprehensive medical services and healthcare, guided by the highest international standards.

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An Outpatient Clinics Building that was launcged in 2019 and acts as an extension to Al Emadi Hospital in Northgate Mall in Azghawa Area North of Doha. A complete outpatient clinics building with more than 21 specialities and top of the line medical and health services that cater to the residents in the North of Doha.

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7 Services is a member of Dr. Mohamed Abdulla Al Emadi Holding Group. The Company’s passion to achieve its goals, and determination to excel in providing nothing but the best services were sure to put it on top.

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One of the modern and highly advanced Physiotherapy Centers in the region where treatments are provided by the best specialists, according to the latest physiotherapy programs and using the latest medical equipment.

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One of the most advanced and modern Gyms in Doha and the Region, BMI Fitness opened its doors with its two separate sections for Males and for Females recently, and within a short period it became one of the most sought after Gyms in Doha, for its high end services and facilities offered to the members, from top of the line equipment and machines to highly qualified and experienced personal trainers, and a Juice bar where members can enjoy refreshing healthy cocktails prepared under the supervision of the Diet section of Al Emadi Hospital.